Marion Williams is a law graduate of the University of London, in the United Kingdom with a LLB (Honours) and licensed to practice as a CARICOM lawyer since 1992. She regularly contributes to the International Financial Centres Yearbook, Euromoney plc. and has contributed to the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, newsletter as well as SHOREX, Offshore Today. Professional memberships include the Licensing Executive Society (LES) USA and Canada and the Licensing Executive Society International.

Marion Williams, Special Counsel volunteers for Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB) and is the proud winner of the 2003 LWOB Gold Globe award in honour of attorney Barry Gold of Albany, New York (1945-2002).

She is the LWOB - UN ECOSOC Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean.


Amoresio Antonio de Oliveira specializes in Brazilian mining law with over 20 years of experience in this area. Amoresio is a University professor and was the chief legal consultant and adviser for both MINERATINS and METAMAT in Brazil. He is also the legal adviser to several unions in Brazil e.g. miners prospectors- MT, CUT-DF, Road Workers DF, Agriculture Workers-MT including other Brazilian co-operatives.