About Us

A boutique practice which specializes in international business law. We work with clients on a local, regional and international level in the specialized areas of intellectual property and international business corporations.

Our services involve the registration and the licensing of patents, trademarks and copyrights, as well as the formation and the registration of international business corporations, in the major international financial centers.

We maximize our services to our clients through strategic collaboration and partnering with legal and financial professionals onshore as well as offshore.

The practice of licensing is a very specialized form of trade involving the exploitation of intellectual property. It is made up of essentially of three basic components:

  • Legal: The legal aspect of licensing focuses on the forms and protections of intellectual property (IP) rights, contractual vehicles by which such rights can be conveyed and the applicability of governing law to the behaviors and misbehaviors of individuals and legal entities.


  • Financial: The financial perspective of licensing leads to an analysis of the value of IP rights as they m ay be packaged in various forms and with other assets so they may be subjects of commercial transactions, i.e. licenses.


  • Business: From the perspective of the business owner or manager, licensi ng and IP are viewed as mechanisms by which investments made can be realized or the investments of others acquired, all as part of the competitive context of successfully satisfying the needs of its customers, present and future.

Through collaboration and alliances our practice includes all forms of licensing, distribution, sponsorship, franchising, R&D, collaboration and technology transfer agreements.


  • Internal Research & Development (IR&D), contract R&D
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, inventions, discoveries, creations
  • Valuation, pricing, royalties, equity/warrants, minimums, changes of IP rights, supply purchase commitments
  • Agreements (deals), deal-marketing, negotiation, deal making
  • Spinouts, Joints Ventures/Partnerships, research collaborations, startups. M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Infringement/IP-theft litigation/negotiation/settlement
  • Government policy related to IP law and policy, economic development and trade.


  • Marketing and Public Relations - Sales: Through our marketing and public relations team we are able to provide our clients with strategic marketing consultancy based on experience, expertise and industry insight. We are able to develop for our clients both general and strategic marketing programs.

We have a multi-jurisdictional approach that allows our clients access to a broad range of specialized advise and at the same time maintaining a close working relationship with us.